Leasing a Holiday Home

What is the best way to ensure a tenant does not damage y... You (or your agent) and the occupant should inspect of the property before the occupant moves in, to check the state ...
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I’m looking to rent a holiday home on the beach. What should I consider?

Summer holiday homes are often in high demand, driving up rental prices. Holiday homes are often booked 1 year in advance and so here are some tips for securing your seaside holiday rental accommodation:
  • Ask the owner or agent how far holiday homes on the beach and holiday homes by the beach are actually from the sand and sea. Families with young children often prefer holiday homes on the beach to avoid car rides to the beach.
  • How far is the holiday home near the beach actually from the beach so you can manage your expectations and plan for an enjoyable holiday?
  • Will the beach holiday home have air conditioning and if so which rooms in the house?
  • Will the beach holiday home have outside lighting, BBQ and furniture for dining?
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