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As a landlord of a holiday home, what services should I b... When supplying accommodation, landlords should specify (in writing) to the occupants the services and facilities that...
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What is the best way to ensure a tenant does not damage your property?

You (or your agent) and the occupant should inspect of the property before the occupant moves in, to check the state of the property.  

It is suggested that a Condition Report and Inventory Report be completed at the beginning and end of each tenancy.

The Condition Report should report on the property itself (inside and out) including any existing damage, marks, wear and tear. The inventory Report should note all furniture, soft furnishing, cutlery, crockery, Manchester and appliances provided, noting the state of their condition.  

The more time taken to carefully complete these reports the better the outcome for both parties at the end of the tenancy (you may even wish to take photographs to prove the condition of certain items).

Both the occupant and landlord should then sign both reports stating their agreement to condition. This is the best way of avoiding disputes when the occupant moves out.

Should the occupant damage any part of the property including inventory items, the occupant will be responsible for such damage with the exception of fair wear and tear of items or property.
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