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As a landlord of a holiday home, what services should I b... When supplying accommodation, landlords should specify (in writing) to the occupants the services and facilities that...
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How should I choose a real estate agent to lease my holiday home?

An experienced, professional management team makes all the difference between an empty or occupied holiday home.  

When choosing a real estate agent or property manager, look for a strong track record of experience in holiday letting as well as extensive knowledge of the competitive holiday letting market.  
If you choose to deal through a real estate agent you must complete a written agency agreement that sets out what the agent will do for you, and agree to instructions on matters such as:
  • Asking rent and security deposits
  • Cancellation and return of deposits
  • How to handle minor repairs or damage to the premises
  • Real estate agent fee’s and commissions
  • Other services such as cleaning and laundering of furniture and linen
  • Instructions on how to handle disputes
  • Conduct of holiday makers and respectful treatment of permanent neighbours
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