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What is the best way to ensure a tenant does not damage y... You (or your agent) and the occupant should inspect of the property before the occupant moves in, to check the state ...
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Are there any safety requirements to consider when leasing out a holiday property?

Landlords and their agents have a duty of care to tenants and their occupants who lease any property.

They must ensure that the property meets safety standards before occupation. It is recommended that landlords and agents conduct regular checks of electrical and gas appliances to ensure they are in safe working order.  

If the property has a pool, the landlord must ensure it complies with safety standards required by law in Australia including secure fencing.  Smoke detectors must be checked and batteries replaced regularly as required by law.  All blinds and curtain cords should meet state safety legislative requirements and all furnishing should meet with fire resistive ratings.  

For more information check with a First National Real Estate Property Manager or contact your state’s fair trading or consumer body.
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